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DateTitle Authors
2010 Widening participation in higher education: Analysis using linked administrative dataChowdry, Haroon / Crawford, Claire / Dearden, Lorraine / Goodman, Alissa / Vignoles, Anna
2006 Do home computers improve educational outcomes? Evidence from matched current population surveys and the national longitudinal survey of youth 1997Beltran, Daniel O. / Das, Kuntal K. / Fairlie, Robert W.
2008 The economics and psychology of personality traitsBorghans, Lex / Duckworth, Angela Lee / Heckman, James Joseph / ter Weel, Bas
2010 Under pressure? The effect of peers on outcomes of young adultsBlack, Sandra E. / Devereux, Paul J. / Salvanes, Kjell G.
2004 The Heterogeneous Effect of Selection in Secondary Schools : Understanding the Changing Role of AbilityGalindo-Rueda, Fernando / Vignoles, Anna
2006 The effects of state-sponsored merit scholarships on course selection and major choice in collegeCornwell, Christopher Mark / Lee, Kyung Hee / Mustard, David B.
2005 Does educational tracking affect performance and inequality? Differences-in-differences evidence across countriesHanushek, Eric Alan / Woessmann, Ludger
2014 Student Awareness of Costs and Benefits of Educational Decisions: Effects of an Information Campaign and Media ExposureMcGuigan, Martin / McNally, Sandra / Wyness, Gill
2001 New Evidence on the Missing Resource-Performance Link in EducationWößmann, Ludger
2015 Technology and Education: Computers, Software, and the InternetBulman, George / Fairlie, Robert W.

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