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2002 Marriage and consumption insurance: what's love got to do with it?Hess, Gregory D.
2009 How Chicagoan are Gary Becker's economic models of marriage?Grossbard, Shoshana Amyra
2012 Political socialization in flux? Linking family non-intactness during childhood to adult civic engagementHener, Timo / Rainer, Helmut / Siedler, Thomas
2012 Personality and marital surplusLundberg, Shelly
2013 Affection, speed dating and heart breakingKonrad, Kai A.
2008 Marriage, divorce and interstate risk sharingHalla, Martin / Scharler, Johann
2008 Ethnic intermarriage among immigrants: human capital and assortative matingChiswick, Barry R. / Houseworth, Christina A.
2008 Crime and partnershipsSvarer, Michael
2008 The risk of divorce and household saving behaviorGonzález, Libertad / Özcan, Berkay
2008 Marriage, partnership and sexual orientation: a study of British university academics and administratorsBooth, Alison L. / Frank, Jeff

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