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2002 Marriage and consumption insurance: what's love got to do with it?Hess, Gregory D.
2009 How Chicagoan are Gary Becker's economic models of marriage?Grossbard, Shoshana Amyra
2012 Political socialization in flux? Linking family non-intactness during childhood to adult civic engagementHener, Timo / Rainer, Helmut / Siedler, Thomas
2012 Personality and marital surplusLundberg, Shelly
2013 Affection, speed dating and heart breakingKonrad, Kai A.
2014 Gewaltsame Konflikte erhöhen das Risiko häuslicher Gewalt in KolumbienRiekmann, Johannes
2010 The effect of education on marital status and partner characteristics: Evidence from the UKAnderberg, Dan / Zhu, Yu
2013 Living arrangements and cognitive decline among the elderly in EuropeMazzuco, Stefano / Meggiolaro, Silvia / Ongaro, Fausta / Toffolutti, Veronica
2009 Anthropometry of love - height and gender asymmetries in interethnic marriagesBelot, Michèle / Fidrmuc, Jan
2010 The effect of breastfeeding on children's cognitive developmentIacovou, Maria / Sevilla-Sanz, Almudena

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