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2007 Finland: Decentralisation tendencies within a collective wage bargaining systemAsplund, Rita
2003 Delays in Renewal of Labor Contracts: Theory and EvidenceDanziger, Leif / Neuman, Shoshana
2002 Arbitration and Mediation: An Economic PerspectiveManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2012 Transnational trade union cooperation in the Nordic countriesLarsson, Bengt / Bengtsson, Mattias / Lovén Seldén, Kristina
2011 Effects of exclusion on social preferencesFischer, Sven / Güth, Werner
2006 Strike activity and centralisation in wage settingLudsteck, Johannes / Jacobebbinghaus, Peter
2006 Employment effects of centralization in wage setting in a median voter modelLudsteck, Johannes
2008 Effects of profitable downsizing on collective bargainingFischer, Sven / Güth, Werner / Köhler, Christoph
2013 Lawyers as agents of the devil in a prisoner's dilemma game: Evidence from long run playAshenfelter, Orley / Bloom, David E. / Dahl, Gordon Boyack
2003 Strikes in France and the Netherlands; A Comparison of Labour Market Institutionsden Butter, Frank A.G. / Koppes, Silvie Y.

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