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DateTitle Authors
2012 Worker cooperatives and democratic governancePencavel, John H.
2014 The Labor Supply of Self-Employed Workers: The Choice of Working Hours in Worker Co-opsPencavel, John
2011 Efficiency in employee-owned enterprises: An econometric case study of MondragonArando, Saioa / Gago, Monica / Jones, Derek C. / Kato, Takao
2013 Active owners and the failure of newly adopted works councilsJirjahn, Uwe / Mohrenweiser, Jens
2014 Workplace Democracy and Job FlowsAlves, Guillermo / Burdín, Gabriel / Dean, Andres
2007 Equal Sharing Rules in PartnershipsBartling, Björn / Siemens, Ferdinand von
2015 Shirking, Standards and the Probability of DetectionSessions, John G. / Skåtun, John D.
2010 Wage and Employment Effects of Workplace Representation – A ""Right To Co-Manage"" ModelGu, Yiquan
2011 Worker attitudes towards employee ownership, profit sharing and variable payKurtulus, Fidan Ana / Kruse, Douglas / Blasi, Joseph
2008 Produktivgenossenschaften: Utopische Idee oder realistische Perspektive?Kramer, Jost W.

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