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2008 Intergenerational persistence in educational attainment in ItalyChecchi, Daniele / Fiorio, Carlo V. / Leonardi, Marco
2008 The short- and long-term career effects of graduating in a recession: hysteresis and heterogeneity in the market for college graduatesOreopoulos, Philip / von Wachter, Till / Heisz, Andrew
2007 Frühe Flexibilisierung?: regionale Mobilität nach der Lehrausbildung in Deutschland zwischen 1977 und 2004Seibert, Holger
2010 Recent developments in intergenerational mobilityBlack, Sandra E. / Devereux, Paul J.
2008 Estimates of intergenerational elasticities based on lifetime earningsNilsen, Øivind Anti / Vaage, Kjell / Aakvik, Arild / Jacobsen, Karl
2013 Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2009 Immigrant circulation and citizenship: hotel Canada?DeVoretz, Don J.
2012 Maternal gender role attitudes, human capital investment, and labour supply of sons and daughtersJohnston, David W. / Schurer, Stefanie / Shields, Michael A.
2011 Health effects of temporary jobs in EuropeEhlert, Christoph / Schaffner, Sandra
2014 Non-Standard Employment Patterns in the NetherlandsGielen, Anne C. / Schils, Trudie

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