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2009 Insolvency and Biased Standards - The Case for Proportional LiabilityStremitzer, Alexander / Tabbach, Avraham
2010 Switching consumers and product liability: on the optimality of incomplete strict liabilityBaumann, Florian / Friehe, Tim / Grechenig, Kristoffel
2006 The Core of Pure Economic LossDari-Mattiacci, Guiseppe / Schäfer, Hans-Bernd
2002 The hand rule and United States v. Carroll Towing Co. reconsideredFeldman, Allan M. / Kim, Jeonghyun
2015 The Role of Lawyer-Legislators in Shaping the Law: Evidence from Voting Behavior on Tort ReformsMatter, Ulrich / Stutzer, Alois
2013 Employment protection and parental child careOlsson, Martin
2013 Acquisition and Disclosure of Information as a Hold-up ProblemSchweizer, Urs
2011 Vicarious Liability and the Intensity PrincipleSchweizer, Urs
2010 Litigation and settlement under court errorAckermann, Philipp
2011 The monopolistic polluter under environmental liability law: Incentives for abatement and R&DEndres, Alfred / Friehe, Tim

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