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DateTitle Authors
1993 An Analysis of the German Tenant Protection LawHomburg, Stefan
2014 Common Law Marriage and Male/Female Convergence in Labor Supply and Time UseGrossbard, Shoshana / Vernon, Victoria
2013 Divorce and the birth control pillMarcen, Miriam
2015 Do Schools Discriminate Against Homosexual Parents? Evidence from an Internet Field ExperimentDiaz-Serrano, Luis / Meix-Llop, Enric
2015 Unequal BequestsFrancesconi, Marco / Pollak, Robert A. / Tabasso, Domenico
2014 Wirkungen des Elterngeldes auf die Fertilität: zum Stand der KenntnisCygan-Rehm, Kamila
2008 Marriage, Divorce and Interstate Risk SharingHalla, Martin / Scharler, Johann
2013 Parental leave benefit and differential fertility responses: Evidence from a German reformCygan-Rehm, Kamila
2010 Parasites and Raven Mothers: A German-Japanese Comparison on (Lone) MotherhoodKlabunde, Anna / Korn, Evelyn
2012 United but (un-)equal: Human capital, probability of divorce and the marriage contractCremer, Helmuth / Pestieau, Pierre / Roeder, Kerstin

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