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2008 Estimating the causal effect of gun prevalence on homicide rates: a local average treatment effect approachKovandzic, Tomislav / Schaffer, Mark E.
2008 Prison conditions and recidivismDrago, Francesco / Galbiati, Roberto / Vertova, Pietro
2012 Menos armas, menos crimesde Castro Cerqueira, Daniel Ricardo / de Mello, João Manoel Pinho
2004 The European Regional Crime Database: Data from the Book 'Crime in Europe'Entorf, Horst / Spengler, Hannes
2010 Conscription and crime: evidence from the Argentine draft lotteryGaliani, Sebastian / Rossi, Martín A. / Schargrodsky, Ernesto
2009 Sentence reductions and recidivism: lessons from the Bastille Day quasi experimentMaurin, Eric / Ouss, Aurelie
2009 Do less-violent technologies result in less violence? A theoretical investigation applied to the use of tasers by law enforcementMcCannon, Bryan C.
2002 The informal sector as a substitute for social securityKolmar, Martin / Marjit, Sugata
2000 Criminality, social cohesion and economic performanceEntorf, Horst / Spengler, Hannes
2000 Development and validation of scientific indicators of the relationship between criminality, social cohesion and economic performanceEntorf, Horst / Spengler, Hannes

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