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2011 The impact of new terminals on telecommunications carriers and TV media companiesTerada, Shinichiro
1994 Will Swedish Manufacturing Business Put the Swedish Economy Out of its Crisis?Eliasson, Gunnar
2006 Impact of Cultural Differences on Knowledge Transfer in British, Hungarian and Polish EnterprisesHauke, Aleksandra
2012 Competition between content distributors in two-sided marketsNygard Bergh, Harald / Kind, Hans Jarle / Reme, Bjørn-Atle / Sørgard, Lars
2013 On the Choice of Royalty Rule to Cover Fixed Costs in Input Joint VenturesFjell, Kenneth / Foros, Oystein / Kind, Hans Jarle
2013 Social capital determinants of preferential resource allocation in regional clustersPulles, Niels J. / Schiele, Holger
2003 National Versus International Mergers and Trade LiberalizationYildiz, Halis Murat
2010 Supporter influence on club governance in a sports league: A utility maximization modelMadden, Paul / Robinson, Terry
2013 Uncovering business portfolio transformation processes: Development of a metric to measure and quantify business portfolio transformationsSchönhaar, Sebastian
2002 Strategies in financial services, the shareholders and the system : is bigger and broader better?Walter, Ingo

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