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2007 The ratchet effect in a two lag setting and the mitigating influence of yardstick competition.Brockmann, Cord
2013 Netzsituation in Deutschland bleibt stabilGerbaulet, Clemens / Kunz, Friedrich / von Hirschhausen, Christian / Zerrahn, Alexander
2001 Incentives to (Irreversible) Investments Under Different Regulatory RegimesScarpa, Carlo / Panteghini, Paolo
2013 Mittelfristige Strombedarfsdeckung durch Kraftwerke und Netze nicht gefährdetKunz, Friedrich / Gerbaulet, Clemens / von Hirschhausen, Christian
2003 When Should an Incumbent Be Obliged to Share its Infrastructure with an Entrant Under the General Competition Rules?Bergman, Mats
2013 Dynamics of broadbands demand: Substitution or complementarity between fixed and mobile technologies? An application to the Portuguese caseSilva, Rita Filipe / Proença, Isabel / Vareda, João
2013 Economic replicability tests for next-generation access networksJaunaux, Laure / Lebourges, Marc
2005 Endogeneous regulatory delay and the timing of product innovationPrieger, James E.
2002 Neue Regulierungsstrukturen für Kommunikationsnetze: Überblick und ökonomische Analyse aus der Perspektive von MehrwertdienstenLang, Günter
2014 Coexistence of copper and fiber unbundling: Access charges and investment incentivesTselekounis, Markos / Orfanou, Georgia / Varoutas, Dimitris

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