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2007 Long term effects of public policy for displaced workers in Sweden – shipyard workers in the West and miners in the NorthOhlsson, Henry / Storrie, Donald
2008 Analysis of the world market for steam coal using a complementarity modelHaftendorn, Clemens / Holz, Franziska
2014 Modeling strategic investment decisions in spatial marketsLorenczik, Stefan / Malischek, Raimund / Trüby, Johannes
2013 Supply disruptions and regional price effects in a spatial oligopoly - an application to the global gas marketGrowitsch, Christian / Hecking, Harald / Panke, Timo
2012 COLUMBUS - A global gas market modelHecking, Harald / Panke, Timo
2010 COALMOD-world: A model to assess international coal markets until 2030Haftendorn, Clemens / Holz, Franziska / von Hirschhausen, Christian
2012 Evidence of market power in the atlantic steam coal market using oligopoly models with a competitive fringeHaftendorn, Clemens
2014 When one country's land gain is another country's land loss...: The social, ecological and economic dimensions of sand extraction in the context of world-systems analysis exemplified by Singapore's sand importsFranke, Maria
2013 Uranium and nuclear power: The role of exploration information in framing public policyMason, Charles F.
2014 Investigating the influence of firm characteristics on the ability to exercise market power: A stochastic frontier analysis approach with an application to the iron ore marketGermeshausen, Robert / Panke, Timo / Wetzel, Heike

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