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2007 The Music Market in the Age of DownloadGrassi, Iacopo
2005 On the research value of large games : natural experiments in Norrath and CamelotCastronova, Edward
2009 Priority and internet qualityKruse, Jörn
2008 Developing and harnessing software technology in the South: The roles of China, India, Brazil and South AfricaOjo, Adegboyega / Janowski, Tomasz / Basanya, Rilwan / Reed, Mike
2010 Speicherung und Publikation von Forschungsdaten: Der Beitrag der Deutschen Zentralbibliothek für WirtschaftswissenschaftenSiegert, Olaf
2014 The impact of tariff diversity on broadband diffusion: An empirical analysisHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Lange, Mirjam R. J.
2014 The impact of piracy on prominent and non-prominent software developersRasch, Alexander / Wenzel, Tobias
2006 Dragging developers towards the core: How the free/libre/open source software community enhances developers' contributionRullani, Francesco
2013 Are classroom internet use and academic performance higher after government broadband subsidies to primary schools?Hyland, Marie / Layte, Richard / Lyons, Sean / McCoy, Selina / Silles, Mary
2011 Importance of E-services for Cultural Tourismvan Leeuwen, Eveline / Nijkamp, Peter

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