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2008 A Regression on Climate Policy - The European Commission's Proposal to Reduce CO2 Emissions from TransportFrondel, Manuel / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Vance, Colin
2011 Future Pain at the Diesel Pump? Potential Effects of the European Commission's Energy Taxation ProposalFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2012 Buslinienfernverkehr in Deutschland: Effiziente Ausgestaltung einer LiberalisierungMaertens, Sven
2007 Public-private partnerships in Europe: an updateBlanc-Brude, Frédéric / Goldsmith, Hugh / Välilä, Timo
2006 Demand for storage of natural gas in Northwestern Europe: a simulation based forecast 2006-2030Höffler, Felix / Kübler, Madjid
2015 Dynamics of yardstick regulation: Historical cost data and the ratchet effectMeya, Johannes
2014 Regulatory reform for closing Africa's competitiveness gapKessides, Ioannis N.
2012 Merenkulun toimintaedellytykset, kilpailukyky ja julkisen talouden sopeuttamistoimet: Taustaselvitys valtiovarainministeriölleHernesniemi, Hannu
2011 Investment, dynamic consistency and the sectoral regulator's obectiveBrito, Duarte / Pereira, Pedro / Vareda, João
2014 External Constraints Matter for PrivatizationsPetrarca, Ilaria / Ricciuti, Roberto

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