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2002 Ansätze zur Lösung von Arbeitskonflikten: Das philosophisch und psychologisch fundierte Konzept von Mary Parker FollettGrosse, Diana
2008 The cost impact of spam filters: measuring the effect of information system technologies in organizationsCaliendo, Marco / Clement, Michel / Papies, Dominik / Scheel-Kopeinig, Sabine
2013 The influence of the competences of the manager: Founder on the success of the organizationMilenkovski, Ace / Stoilkovska, Aleksandra
2013 The influence of family relations on decision making in family businessesStoilkovska, Aleksandra / Milenkovska , Violeta / Serafimovic , Gordana
2012 Online gaming to find a new job: Examining job seekers' intention to use serious games as a self-assessment toolLaumer, Sven / Eckhardt, Andreas / Weitzel, Tim
2012 Recent developments and future prospects on sustainable human resource management: Introduction to the special issueEhnert, Ina / Harry, Wes
2011 Vorstandsvergütung in Deutschland - ist eine Trendwende in Sicht?Koch, Rosemarie / Raible, Karl-Friedrich / Stadtmann, Georg
2013 Organizational citizenship behavior towards sustainabilityChowdhury, Dhiman Deb
2009 Personality and career: she's got what it takesFietze, Simon / Holst, Elke / Tobsch, Verena
2010 Razones y riesgos del outsourcing de sistemas de información: Un análisis de su situación y evoluciónGonzález Ramírez, M. R. / Gascó Gascó, J. L. / Llopis Taverner, Juan

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