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2006 Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen einer 'deutschen' LimitedBraun, Susanne / Richter, Jörg
2006 Erklärung der individuellen Existenzgründungsabsicht: Die 'theory of planned behavior' als sozialpsychologisches Modell im GründungskontextTegtmeier, Silke
2007 Quantitative valuation of platform technology based intangibles companiesAchleitner, Ann-Kristin / Nathusius, Eva / Schraml, Stephanie
2008 Businesswomen in Germany and their performance by ethnicity: it pays to be self-employedConstant, Amelie F.
2003 Diversity in Entrepreneurship: Ethnic and Female Roles in Urban Economic LifeLevent, Tuzin Baycan / Masurel, Enno / Nijkamp, Peter
2001 Risk-Taking, Agency Problem, and Small Business Loan Guarantee: An Application of Option Pricing TheorySo, Jacky C. / Bharati, Rakesh / Crain, Susan
2013 Hostile Parent Firms and Child Firm PerformanceWalter, Sascha / Heinrichs, Simon / Walter, Achim
2013 Don’t Step Into Your Parent’s Shoes – How Exploitation and Exploration Affect Spin-out GrowthHeinrichs, Simon / Walter, Sascha
2013 Who Becomes an Entrepreneur? A 30-Years-Review of Individual-Level Research and an Agenda for Future ResearchHeinrichs, Simon / Walter, Sascha
2013 Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) and Knowledge Creation (KC)Vidic, Franc

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