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25-Oct-2011 Modeling Repeat Purchases in the Internet when RFM Captures Past Influence of MarketingReimer, Kerstin / Albers, Sönke
2010 Nation brands and foreign direct investmentKalamova, Margarita M. / Konrad, Kai A.
2009 When to start a new firm? Modelling the timing of novice and serial entrepreneursGries, Thomas / Naudé, Wim
2007 Advertising, consumption and economic growth: an empirical investigationRehme, Günther / Weisser, Sara-Frederike
2006 The sales effect of word of mouth: a model for creative goods and estimates for novelsBeck, Jonathan
2013 Social Media im RecruitingSchwarz, Annika / Botzenhardt, Florian / Ferdinand, Hans-Michael
2008 Does it pay to read your junk mail? Evidence of the effect of advertising on home equity credit choicesAgarwal, Sumit / Ambrose, Brent W.
2011 A methodology approach to delineate functional economic market areas: With an iterative three-step spatial clustering procedureOberst, Christian A.
2007 Neuroökonomie und Neuromarketing: Neurale Korrelate strategischer EntscheidungenHain, Cornelia / Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco / Kenning, Peter
2005 ACE model of endogenous interactionsVriend, Nicolaas J.