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DateTitle Authors
2000 Indexation of Unemployment Benefits to Previous Earnings, Employment and WagesHeer, Burkhard / Morgenstern, Albrecht
2014 The Academic and Labor Market Returns of University ProfessorsBraga, Michela / Paccagnella, Marco / Pellizzari, Michele
2014 Job mission as a substitute for monetary incentives: Experimental evidenceCassar, Lea
2011 Ambiguity aversion as a reason to choose tournamentsKellner, Christian / Riener, Gerhard
2010 Gift-Exchange, Incentives, and Heterogeneous WorkersNon, Arjan
2010 Technology Choice and Incentives under Relative Performance SchemesSchöttner, Anja / Kräkel, Matthias
2010 The Value of Voice in an Experimental Labor MarketMertins, Vanessa
2007 On the incentive effects of uncertainty in monitoring agents: a theoretical and experimental analysisAvrahami, Judith / Güth, Werner / Kareev, Yaakov / Uske, Tobias
2008 Tournament fever and the perception of strategic uncertainty in performance contestsUske, Tobias
2010 Implicit contracts, unemployment, and labor market segmentationAltmann, Steffen / Falk, Armin / Huffman, David

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