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2015 Adam Smith, watch prices, and the industrial revolutionKelly, Morgan / Ó Gráda, Cormac
2012 Wipeout: Sangley mercantile dominance and persistence in the Spanish colonial period in the PhilippinesFabella, Raul V.
2009 Reinvigorating Springfield's economy: Lessons from resurgent citiesKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Muñoz, Ana Patricia / Browne, Lynn / Green, DeAnna / Benton, Marques / Chakrabarti, Prabal / Plasse, David / Walker, Richard / Zhao, Bo
2008 Habakkuk revisited: a history friendly model of American and British technology in the nineteenth centuryFontana, Roberto / Guerzoni, Marco / Nuvolari, Alessandro
2014 A Distant Mirror of Debt, Default, and ReliefReinhart, Carmen M. / Trebesch, Christoph
2011 An economic life in vain: Path dependence and East Germany's pre- and post-unification economic stagnationBlum, Ulrich
2013 What Did the Old Poor Law Really Accomplish? A ReduxGreif, Avner / Iyigun, Murat
2015 Entry of painters in the Amsterdam market of the golden ageEtro, Federico / Stepanova, Elena
2015 Art collections and taste in the Spanish Siglo de OroEtro, Federico / Stepanova, Elena
2011 Convergence clubs in Latin America: A historical approachBarrientos Quiroga, Paola Andrea

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