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2009 How useful is anthropometric history? Some reflections on Paul Hohenberg’s recent presidential address to the American Economic History AssociationKomlos, John
2014 Re-Re-Reply to 'The Impact of Microcredit on the Poor in Bangladesh: Revisiting the Evidence'Pitt, Mark M.
2014 Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz: statistician, economist, and a European intellectualHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Vogt, Annette B.
2004 The Introduction of Anthropometrics into Development and Labor EconomicsKomlos, John / Meermann, Lukas
2010 Global Height Trends and the Determinants of Anthropometric Welfare, 1810s - 1980sBlum, Matthias / Baten, Jörg
2010 The spinning jenny and the industrial revolution: A reappraisalGragnolati, Ugo / Moschella, Daniele / Pugliese, Emanuele
2011 The spinning jenny and the guillotine: Technological diffusion at the time of revolutionsGragnolati, Ugo / Moschella, Daniele / Pugliese, Emanuele
2004 Should Swedish economic history pay morre attention to historical economics?Waldenström, Daniel
2011 Zur Notwendigkeit des Corporate Portfolio Management: Eine Würdigung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung der letzten vier JahrzehnteNippa, Michael
2014 Financial history and financial economicsTurner, John D.

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