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DateTitle Authors
2002 How could everyone have been so wrong? Forecasting the Great Depression with the railroadsKlug, Adam / Langdon-Lane, John S. / White, Eugene N.
2002 Did sunspot cause the Great Depression?Harrison, Sharon G. / Weder, Mark
2003 The effect of changes in reserve requirements during the 1930s : the evidence from a comparison of member and nonmember banksCargill, Thomas F. / Mayer, Thomas
2008 The U.S. business cycle, 1867-1995: dynamic factor analysis vs. reconstructed national accountsRitschl, Albrecht / Sarferaz, Samad / Uebele, Martin
2001 An empty promise: Average cost savings and scale economies among Canadian and American manufacturers, 1910 - 1988Keay, Ian
2006 Was the New Deal contractionary?Eggertsson, Gauti B.
2008 Durable goods inventories and the great moderationKahn, James A.
2011 What ended the great depression? Reevaluating the role of fiscal policyPerry, Nathan / Vernengo, Matías
2003 Child labor and the labor supply of other household members: Evidence from 1920 americaManacorda, Marco
2009 Implications of the financial crisis for potential growth: Past, present, and futureSteindel, Charles

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