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DateTitle Authors
2002 How could everyone have been so wrong? Forecasting the Great Depression with the railroadsKlug, Adam / Langdon-Lane, John S. / White, Eugene N.
2002 Did sunspot cause the Great Depression?Harrison, Sharon G. / Weder, Mark
2003 The effect of changes in reserve requirements during the 1930s : the evidence from a comparison of member and nonmember banksCargill, Thomas F. / Mayer, Thomas
2008 The U.S. business cycle, 1867-1995: dynamic factor analysis vs. reconstructed national accountsRitschl, Albrecht / Sarferaz, Samad / Uebele, Martin
2001 An empty promise: Average cost savings and scale economies among Canadian and American manufacturers, 1910 - 1988Keay, Ian
2015 Private Debt Overhang and the Government Spending Multiplier: Evidence for the United StatesBernardini, Marco / Peersman, Gert
2011 What ended the great depression? Reevaluating the role of fiscal policyPerry, Nathan / Vernengo, Matías
2008 Great moderations and US interest rates: Unconditional evidenceNason, James M. / Smith, Gregor W.
2008 Durable goods inventories and the great moderationKahn, James A.
2009 Implications of the financial crisis for potential growth: Past, present, and futureSteindel, Charles

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