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DateTitle Authors
2001 Institutionen, Finanzsysteme und TransformationEngerer, Hella / Schrooten, Mechthild
1999 California Banking in the Nineteenth Century: The Art and Method of the Bank of A. LevyWhite, Eugene
2010 The transition from industrial capitalism to a financialized bubble economyHudson, Michael
2005 Trust: A Concept Too ManyGuinnane, Timothy W.
2009 The end of gatekeeping: Underwriters and the quality of sovereign bond markets, 1815-2007Flandreau, Marc / Flores, Juan H. / Gaillard, Norbert / Nieto-Parra, Sebastián
2009 Read my lips: the role of information transmission in multilateral reform designMarchesi, Silvia / Sabani, Laura / Dreher, Axel
2003 Product Innovation and Population Dynamics in the German Insurance MarketMenhart, Michael / Pyka, Andreas / Ebersberger, Bernd / Hanusch, Horst
2004 Consols, Financial Stability, and Pax BritanniaBrown, William O. / Burdekin, Richard C. K. / Weidenmier, Marc D.
2007 Seeding new ventures: green thumbs and fertile fields ; individual and environmental drivers of informal investmentSzerb, László / Terjesen, Siri / Rappai, Gábor
2009 Agency and communication in IMF conditional lending: theory and empirical evidenceMarchesi, Silvia / Sabani, Laura / Dreher, Axel

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