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DateTitle Authors
2010 Medieval matching marketsBörner, Lars / Quint, Daniel
2014 The cross-section of stock returns in an early stock marketYe, Qing / Turner, John D.
2006 Using ARIMA Forecasts to Explore the Efficiency of the Forward Reichsmark Market: Austria-Hungary, 1876-1914Komlos, John / Flandreau, Marc
2012 Anglo-Dutch premium auctions in eighteenth-century Amsterdamvan Bochove, Christiaan / Boerner, Lars / Quint, Daniel
2012 The road to debt deflation, debt peonage, and neofeudalismHudson, Michael
2004 Social Identity and Group LendingChatterjee, Prabirendra / Sarangi, Sudipta
2010 The economics of debt clearing mechanismsBörner, Lars / Hatfield, John William
2010 Financial development and sectoral output growth in 19th century GermanyDiekmann, Katharina / Westermann, Frank
2010 Transaction costs, liquidity and expected returns at the Berlin stock exchange, 1892-1913Burhop, Carsten / Gelman, Sergey
2005 A historical perspective on interest rates in Denmark 1875-2003Abildgren, Kim

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