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2006 Underperformance in affluence: the remarkable relative decline in American heights in the second half of the 20th-centuryKomlos, John / Lauderdale, Benjamin E.
2002 Using ARIMA Forecasts to Explore the Efficiency of the Forward Reichsmark Market. Austria-Hungary, 1876-1914Komlos, John / Flandreau, Marc
2003 Target Zones in History and Theory: Lessons from an Austro-Hungarian Experiment (1896-1914)Flandreau, Marc / Komlos, John
2009 Capital constraints and European migration to Canada: Evidence from the 1920s passenger listsArmstrong, Alexander / Lewis, Frank
2013 The Economic, Social and Administrative Pharmacy (ESAP) Discipline in US schools and colleges of pharmacyAlkhateeb, Fadi M. / Latif, David A. / Adkins, Rachel
2012 The labor demand was downward sloping: Disentangling migrants' inflows and outflows, 1929 - 1957Biavaschi, Costanza
2010 An economic model of the evolution of the gender performance ratio in individual sportsDupuy, Arnaud
2010 How economics helped shape American JudaismChiswick, Carmel Ullman
2013 The Economic Payoff of Name AmericanizationBiavaschi, Costanza / Giulietti, Corrado / Siddique, Zahra
2008 Learning from the past: trends in executive compensation over the twentieth centuryFrydman, Carola

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