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2015 The long-term determinants of female HIV infection in Africa: The slave trade, polygyny, and sexual behaviorBertocchi, Graziella / Dimico, Arcangelo
2003 Colonization, institutions, and inequality: a note on some suggestive evidenceCogneau, Denis / Guenard, Charlotte
2011 Are electoral coalitions harmful for democratic consolidation in Africa?Resnick, Danielle
2010 The fruit of the vine? An augmented endowments-inequality hypothesis and the rise of an elite in the Cape ColonyFourie, Johan / von Fintel, Dieter
2007 Assessing Budget Support with Statistical Impact Evaluation: a Methodological ProposalElbers, Chris / Gunning, Jan Willem / de Hoop, Kobus
2014 The economics of marriage in North AfricaAssaad, Ragui / Krafft, Caroline
2014 The colonial legacy: Income inequality in former British African coloniesAtkinson, A. B.
2013 Multiple pathways to gender-sensitive budget support in the education sector: Analysing the effectiveness of sex-disaggregated indicators in performance assessment frameworks and gender working groups in (education) budget support to Sub-Saharan Africa countriesHolvoet, Nathalie / Inberg, Liesbeth
2014 Incomes, inequality, and poverty in Kenya: A long-term perspectiveBigsten, Arne / Manda, Damiano Kulundu / Mwabu, Germano / Wambugu, Anthony
2014 The fall of the elephant: Two decades of poverty increase in Côte d'Ivoire (1988 - 2008)Cogneau, Denis / Houngbedji, Kenneth / Mesplé-Somps, Sandrine

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