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DateTitle Authors
2001 France's slow transition from privatized to government-administered tax collection: Tax farming in the eighteenth centuryWhite, Eugene N.
2015 Nationalism and Unionism in Ireland: Economic PerspectivesKennedy, Liam
2009 Interest groups and government spending in Italy, 1876 - 1913Fiorino, Nadia / Ricciuti, Roberto
2005 Optimal rent extraction in pre-industrial England and France : default risk and monitoring costsPriks, Mikael
2012 Testing Wagner's law at different stages of economic development: A historical analysis of five Western European countriesKuckuck, Jan
2010 The political economy of agricultural protection: Sweden 1887Lehmann, Sibylle H. / Volckart, Oliver
2012 Fighting maritime piracy: Three lessons from Pompeius MagnusSchubert, Christian / Lades, Leonhard K.
1999 The Evolution of the German Tort Law in the 19th Century - An Economic Analysis of the Evolution of LawEckardt, Martina
2007 Rules, discretion or reputation?: monetary policies and the efficiency of financial markets in Germany, 14th to 16th centuriesVolckart, Oliver
2015 Swedish Taxation Since 1862: An OverviewHenrekson, Magnus / Stenkula, Mikael

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