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DateTitle Authors
2008 Chisso Corporation y la enfermedad de MinamataYacuzzi, Enrique
2012 The waning of the little ice ageKelly, Morgan / Ó Gráda, Cormac
2011 Federalismo fiscal e petróleo no Brasil e no mundoGobetti, Sérgio Wulff
2005 The colonial origins of inequality: exploring the causes and consequences of land distributionFrankema, E.H.P.
2008 An overview of carbon markets and emissions trading: Lessons for CanadaKing, Michael R.
2006 A paradox of plenty? Rent distribution and political stability in oil statesBasedau, Matthias / Lacher, Wolfram
2010 The relationship between oil prices and long-term interest ratesReicher, Christopher Phillip / Utlaut, Johannes Friederich
2006 Agriculture, diffusion, and development: Ripple effects of the neolithic revolutionPutterman, Louis
2005 Assessing Climate Change Impacts: AgricultureBosello, Francesco / Zhang, Jian
2008 A European Perspective on Recent Trends in U.S. Climate PolicyMoslener, Ulf / Sturm, Bodo

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