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DateTitle Authors
2008 Resources and the political economy of state fragility in conflict states: Iraq and SomaliaDibeh, Ghassan
2006 Realizing the right to food in South AsiaBhargava, Pradeep / Balana, Manju
2010 Interaction and non-neutral effects of factors in Chinese wheat productionSelim, Sheikh / Parvin, Naima / Patel, Vasita
2011 The impact of price regulations on regional welfare and agricultural productivity in ChinaSelim, Sheikh
2010 Reforms, incentives, welfare and productivity growth in Chinese wheat productionPatel, Vasita / Selim, Sheikh
2010 An empirical study of the relationships between CO2 emissions, economic growth and opennessChoi, Eunho / Heshmati, Almes / Cho, Yongsung
2007 Spatial market integration and the dynamics of transaction costs in the Chinese soy bean marketBrosig, Stephan / Weitzel, Enno-Burghard / Glauben, Thomas / Poghosyan, Tigran / Rozelle, Scott