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2010 Structural change in OECD comparative advantageBrakman, Steven / Inklaar, Robert / van Marrewijk, Charles
2013 The Firms behind the Regions: Analysis of Regional Innovation Performance in Portugal by External Logistic Biplotsde Noronha, Teresa / Galindo, Purificación Vicente / Nijkamp, Peter / de Noronha Vaz, Eric
2010 Using capabilities to project growth, 2010-30Felipe, Jesus / Kumar, Utsav / Abdon, Arnelyn
2006 Could languages of the same language families reflect a similar culture?Laumann, Christiane
2007 A panel unit root and panel cointegration test of the complementarity hypothesis in the Mexican case, 1960-2001Ramirez, Miguel D.
2003 Recent trends in the research on national innovation systemsBalzat, Markus / Hanusch, Horst
2010 Global income distribution and poverty: Implications from the IPCC SRES scenariosCalzadilla, Alvaro
2007 Jointness of growth determinantsDoppelhofer, Gernot / Weeks, Melvyn
2008 Ageing and productivity growth: are there macro-level cohort effects of human capital?Werding, Martin
2008 What doesentrepreneurshipœ data really show?Ács, Zoltán J. / Desai, Sameeksha / Klapper, Leora

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