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2005 The Kyoto agreement and technology spilloversGolombek, Rolf / Hoel, Michael
2013 Natural-resource rents and internal conflicts - Can decentralization lift the curse?Markwardt, Gunther / Farzanegan, Mohammad / Leßmann, Christian
2008 Europäische Energieversorgung: Status Quo und PerspektivenStübben, Felix
2010 Subnational resource curse: do economic or political institutions matter?Libman, Alexander
2011 Environmental Protection Bureau leadership at the provincial level in China: Examining diverging career backgrounds and appointment patternsKostka, Genia
2011 Trade in environmental goods, with focus on climate-friendly goods and technologiesZhang, ZhongXiang
2011 Environmental security and its implications for China's foreign relationsMochizuki, Junko / Zhang, ZhongXiang
2011 Who should bear the cost of China's carbon emissions embodied in goods for exports?Zhang, ZhongXiang
2009 Europe's twenties: a study using the WIATEC modelKemfert, Claudia / Kremers, Hans / Truong, Truong Phuoc