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2003 Labour supply of married females in EstoniaSiliverstovs, Boriss / Koulikov, Dmitri
2013 The Economic, Social and Administrative Pharmacy (ESAP) Discipline in US schools and colleges of pharmacyAlkhateeb, Fadi M. / Latif, David A. / Adkins, Rachel
2013 Assessing market for multi-national corporations at Nigeria's bottom of the pyramid: Hints from consumer behaviourAdebayo, Nathaniel Adeyemi
2014 Permanent Changes in the Wage Structure and the East German Fertility CrisisArntz, Melanie / Gathmann, Christina
2013 Showing off to the new neighbors? Income, socioeconomic status and consumption patterns of internal migrantsDanzer, Alexander M. / Dietz, Barbara / Gatskova, Kseniia / Schmillen, Achim
2013 Long-Lasting Effects of Socialist EducationFuchs-Schündeln, Nicola / Masella, Paolo
2010 Lifestyles and preferences for (public) goods: Professional football in MunichAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang / Ölschläger, Michaela
2011 Impacts of forced marriages in Cambodia under the Pol Pot regimeKogure, Katsuo
2006 Do peers affect student achievement in China's secondary schools?Ding, Weili / Lehrer, Steven F.
2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional Insights on the pattern of convergencePetrunyk, Inna / Pfeifer, Christian

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