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DateTitle Authors
13-Jan-2012 Where russians should live: a counterfactual alternative to Soviet location policyMichajlova, Tatjana
2011 Markets wanted: Expectation overshooting in transitionNeher, Frank
2009 Entrepreneurship, economic growth and policy in emerging economiesThurik, A. Roy
2002 Globalisation and governance : contradictions of neo-liberal migration managementOverbeek, Henk
2001 Preferences for inequality : East vs. WestSuhrcke, Marc
2009 Financial stability: the significance and distinctiveness of Islamic banking in MalaysiaKarwowski, Ewa
2003 Entrepreneurship and Economic TransitionAidis, Ruta
2011 Can Korea learn from German unification?Blum, Ulrich
2000 Sources of real exchange rate fluctuations in transition economies: The case of Ploand and HungaryDibooglu, Selahattin / Kutan, Ali M.
2011 Top down or bottom up? A cross-national study of vertical occupational sex segregation in twelve European CountriesSchäfer, Andrea / Tucci, Ingrid / Gottschall, Karin

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