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DateTitle Authors
2009 A necessidade de uma nova política de comercialização agrícolada Conceição, Júnia Cristina Peres R.
2006 Time to eat: household production under increasing income inequalityHamermesh, Daniel S.
2002 Price incentives, non-price factors, and agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa: a cointegration analysisThiele, Rainer
2011 The value of terroir: Hedonic estimation of Vineyard sale pricesCross, Robin / Plantinga, Andrew J. / Stavins, Robert N.
2012 The nexus land-use model, an approach articulating biophysical potentials and economic dynamics to model competition for land-usesSouty, F. / Brunelle, T. / Dumas, P. / Dorin, B. / Ciais, P. / Crassous, R.
2001 Variatio Delectat Consumer Demand for Food DiversityThiele, Silke / Weiss, Christoph R.
2009 Strukturwandel in der europäischen Milchviehhaltung: Ergebnisse einer regional differenzierten BefragungLutter, Markus
2010 How predictable are prices of agricultural commodities? The possibilities and constraints of forecasting wheat pricesHolst, Carsten
2011 Região de integração Tocantins-Pa: Um novo olhar sobre o extrativismo e alguns aspectos socioeconômicosDias, Guilherme A. V. / Oliveira, Wesley
1991 Agricultural Pricing and GrowthHartler, Christina

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