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DateTitle Authors
2003 On the Design of Optimal Grandfathering Schemes for Emission AllowancesBöhringer, Christoph / Lange, Andreas
2015 An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis for Deforestation in Brazilian AmazonBouchardet, Daniel / Porsse, Alexandre
1998 Is There A Green Link A Panel Data Value Event Study Of The Relationship Between Capital Markets And Toxic ReleasesAnanthanarayanan, Amarnath
2012 Plano amazônia sustentável: Interações dinâmicas e sustentabilidade ambientalMota, José Aroudo / Gazoni, Jefferson Lorencini
2002 Letting states do the dirty work: State responsibility for federal environmental regulationSigman, Hilary
2001 International spillovers and water quality in rivers: Do countries free ride?Sigman, Hilary
2003 Implications of Linking National Emission Trading Schemes prior to the Start of the First Commitment Period of the Kyoto ProtocolBode, Sven
2005 Promoting the multifunctionality of agriculture, forestry, and rural areas - design and implementation of public policies in GermanyLehmann, Paul / Schleyer, Christian / Wüstemann, Henry / Drechsler, Martin / Hagedorn, Konrad / Wätzold, Frank
2002 Influence processes in climate change negotiations: Modelling the roundsCourtois, Pierre
1998 Water Pricing in Honduras: A Political Economy AnalysisStrand, J.

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