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2007 The extractive firm's cost spillover tax for the extended hotelling modelHartwick, John / Bazhanov, Andrei / Song, Zhen
2011 A general equilibrium model of environmental option valuesShibayama, Katsuyuki / Fraser, Iain
2010 Too much oilGerlagh, Reyer
2013 Values, food and bags: A study of consumption decisions in a laboratory supermarketKasser, Tim / Matthey, Astrid
2013 Higher Quality Exhaustible Resource Deposits Receiving Higher or Lower Resource Rents in a Simple Spatial FrameworkHartwick, John
2006 Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe: Effects of Russian Gas Market Reforms and the Rising Market Power of GazpromSagen, Eirik Lund / Tsygankova, Marina
2011 Nonrenewable Resources, Strategic Behavior and the Hotelling Rule: An Experimentvan Veldhuizen, Roel / Sonnemans, Joep
2014 Resource prices and planning horizonsSpiro, Daniel
2011 Higher quality exhaustible resource deposits receiving higher or lower resource rents in a simple spatial frameworkHartwick, John
2013 The metal resources (METRO) model: A dynamic partial equilibrium model for metal markets applied to rare earth elementsPothen, Frank

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