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2008 Optimal resource extraction contracts under threat of expropriationEngel, Eduardo M. R. A. / Fischer, Ronald D.
2008 Nonlinear oil price dynamics: a tale of heterogeneous speculators?Reitz, Stefan / Slopek, Ulf Dieter
2013 Cost-reducing R&D in the presence of an appropriation alternative: an application to the natural resource cursePuzon, Klarizze
2013 Papua New Guinea and the natural resource curseAvalos, Nayda / Gonzales Stuva, Veronica / Heal, Adam / Iida, Kaoru / Okazoe, Naohito
2012 Non-renewable but inexhaustible: Resources in an endogenous growth modelStürmer, Martin / Schwerhoff, Gregor
2009 Oil stock discovery and Dutch DiseaseHartwick, John / Hamilton, Kirk
2008 Oil stock discovery and Dutch diseaseHamilton, Kirk / Hartwick, John
2009 Is Norway's bird-in-hand stabilization fund prudent enough? : fiscal reactions to hydrocarbon windfalls and graying populationsHarding, Torfinn / van der Ploeg, Frederick
2013 Determinants of technology transfer through CDM: The case of ChinaWeitzel, Matthias / Liu, Wan-Hsin / Vaona, Andrea
2013 Policy-induced environmental technology and incentive efforts: Is there a crowding out?Hottenrott, Hanna / Rexhäuser, Sascha

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