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2012 European Electricity and interrelated Futures Markets: A cointegrated Vector Autoregressive AnalysisFritz, Andreas
2006 Costs of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study of India’s Power Generation SectorGupta, Manish
2015 Coal and Gas - From Cradle to Grave with Carbon Capture and StorageSteinkraus, Arne
2015 Decentralized energy in Water-Energy-Food Security nexus in developing countries: Case studies on successes and failuresGuta, Dawit / Jara, Jose / Adhikari, Narayan / Qiu, Chen / Gaur, Varun / Mirzabaev, Alisher
2010 What really matters: Discounting, technological change and sustainable climateMüller-Fürstenberger, Georg / Stephan, Gunter
2004 Subsidizing the Adoption of Energy-Saving Technologies: Analyzing the Impact of Uncertainty, Learning and Maturationde Groot, Henri L.F. / Mulder, Peter / van Soest, Daan P.
2011 The economic value of storage in renewable power systems - the case of thermal energy storage in concentrating solar plantsNagl, Stephan / Fürsch, Michaela / Jägemann, Cosima / Bettzüge, Marc Oliver
2009 Energy in a bathtub: Electricity trade between countries with different generation technologiesFørsund, Finn R.
2010 Scenarios for an energy policy concept of the German governmentNagl, Stephan / Fürsch, Michaela / Paulus, Moritz / Richter, Jan / Trüby, Johannes / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2011 Revisiting the Gaia hypothesis: Maximum Entropy, Kauffman's 'Fourth Law' and physiosemeiosisHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten

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