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2009 Aplicação de funções de distância para o cálculo de índices de bem-estar e a evolução do índice de desenvolvimento humano (IDH) para os estados brasileirosde Lima, Marcus Vinicius Magalhães / Boueri, Rogério
2013 Towards a General Theory of Mixed Zones: The Role of CongestionKantor, Yuval / Rietveld, Piet / van Ommeren, Jos
2014 Diagnosis of the Social and Economic Welfare of the Population for the Purposes of Regional Economic PolicyFesenko, Vladimir
2014 Impact Analysis of Economic Linkages of South Korea with North Korea Using a CGE ModelKim, Euijune / Shin, Hyewon
2013 Territorial Economic Impacts of Climate Anomalies in BrazilPorsse, Alexandre / Haddad, Eduardo / Pereda, Paula
2014 Inequality of level of living in the Russian Federation: some regional and municipal aspectsBufetova, Anna
2009 Productivity and firm selection: Quantifying the new gains from tradeCorcos, Gregory / Del Gatto, Massimo / Mion, Giordano / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2012 Coping with Structural Change – the Regional Effects of Decentralisation in FinlandSimola, Antti / Honkatukia, Juha / Kinnunen, Jouko / Ahokas, Jussi
2015 Spatial and social mobilityWrede, Matthias / Borck, Rainald
2015 Regulating vacancies away? The paradoxical effects of mismatch in the housing marketCheshire, Paul / Hilber, Christian / Koster, Hans

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