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2013 An analysis of the effects of the variety of items on the retailer's market areas and the urban systemIshikawa, Toshiharu
2014 Effects of the corporate tax rates on firms' location selections through the trasfer pricing systemIshikawa, Toshiharu
2010 Der Einzelhandel und die für ihn relevante Kaufkraft im regionalen FokusStöver, Britta / Szlachetka, Remigius / Ulrich, Philip
2012 The role of the urban system in a regional government's location policyIshikawa, Toshiharu
2015 Location power of the corporation tax and the interest rate in the globalized economyIshikawa, Toshiharu
2013 An Exploratory Analysis of New Firm Formation in New EnglandParajuli, Jitendra / Haynes, Kingsley
2013 Spatial Externalities and Place-Based Policies: Evidence from the NetherlandsKoster, Hans / Van Ommeren, Jos
2011 The effect of agglomeration size on local taxesLuthi, Eva / Schmidheiny, Kurt
2014 New Estimates of the Elasticity of Substitution of Land for CapitalAhlfeldt, Gabriel / McMillen, Daniel P.
2015 Bright Minds, Big Rent: Gentrification and the Rising Returns to SkillEdlund, Lena / Machado, Cecilia / Sviatschi, Maria

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