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DateTitle Authors
2009 Network and border effects: Where do foreign multinationals locate in Germany?Spies, Julia
2014 Flat Prices, Cell Phone Base Stations, and Network Structure: An Instrumental Variable Approach to Endogenous LocationsMense, Andreas / Wirth, Benjamin
2004 The Origin and Location of Entrants in the Evolution of the U.S. Tire IndustryBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2007 Disentangling the R&D shortfall of the EU vis-á-vis the USErken, Hugo / van Es, Frank
2012 Do reported attitudes towards Immigrants predict ethnic discrimination?Carlsson, Magnus / Eriksson, Stefan
2011 Geographic Concentration of Business Services Firms: A Poisson Sorting ModelKoster, Hans / van Ommeren, Jos N. / Rietveld, Piet
2014 Flat Prices, Cell Phone Base Stations, and Network StructureWirth, Benjamin / Mense, Andreas
2011 Firm-worker matching in industrial clustersFigueiredo, Octávio / Guimaraes, Paulo / Woodward, Douglas
2004 Location Modelling and the Localization of Portuguese Manufacturing IndustriesGuimarães, Paulo / Figueiredo, Octávio / Woodward, Douglas
2005 Economies of Scale in der Produktion versus Diseconomies im Transport: Zum Strukturwandel in der MilchindustrieBoysen, Ole / Schröder, Carsten

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