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2003 Wien - Wismar - Weltkulturerbe: Grundlagen, Probleme und PerspektivenSchediwy, Robert
2011 Trespassing the threshold of relevance: Media exposure and opinion polls of the Sweden democrats, 2006-2010Bevelander, Pieter / Hellström, Anders
2015 Ancestry, Language and CultureSpolaore, Enrico / Wacziarg, Romain
2008 Die Zeit und ihre Facetten in der FotografieWegener, Petra
2007 Valuing the Cultural Monuments of Armenia: Bayesian Updating of Prior Beliefs in Contingent ValuationAlberini, Anna / Longo, Alberto
2005 The Value of Cultural Heritage Sites in Armenia: Evidence from a Travel Cost Method StudyAlberini, Anna / Longo, Alberto
2004 Foreigners, Immigrants, Host Cities: The Policies of Multi-Ethnicity in Rome. Reading Governance in a Local ContextRossi, Claudio / Coen, Franca Eckert
2003 Managing Diversity in a Glocalizing Worldvan Londen, Selma / de Ruijter, Arie
2003 Economic Growth, Innovation, Cultural Diversity. What Are We All Talking About? A Critical Survey of the State-of-the-art
2003 The Role of the City in Fostering Intergroup Communication in a Multicultural Environment: Saint-Petersburg's CaseTaranova, Natalya V.

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